Thursday, 7 May 2009

Messers Simtaur and Nettini

So who are Messers Simtaur and Nettinsi you ask?
Are they purveyors of the finest Wellington Boots or a pair of Bassoon playing FrancoLatvian Hit Men or just plain old forms of machine code?
They are actually words a friend of ours has inadvertently invented......
An operation on his brain has left him with a loss of written language and speech and no control in the right side of his body. During his recovery he has recently picked up a pencil. The only 2 words he's written are SIMTAUR and NETTINSI.
As he can't verbalise his thoughts knowone has any idea of what he actually means. He does do a pretty good "FRUSTRATED!" expression at the moment but we don't think it is that.
Personally I think they sound like the names of character fonts.
"Dave" is a modelmaker and airbrush illustrator. Luckily he's also left handed so we're betting that he'll be drawing something himself soon.
Both words sound as though they should mean something so start blagging them into your emails and pint top conversations.......And stop fingering your nettinsi you crazy simtaurs!